CX Dashbaords and User Language setting issue

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CX Dashbaords and User Language setting issue

Hi Everyone,

I've just discovered something not really documented in the Qualtrics CX widget help pages about the Rich Text Editor Widget. If you include a picture within the widget with some text. Users who are set to a different language will not see the image. I've raised this with Qualtrics support and have asked them why this isn't documented. This leaves some uncertainty... As brand admin of my account, I don't actually know who has changed their setting to a different language. Does anyone know how I can see review this information easily (I don't want to be clicking into 100's of accounts and checking the language settings) or better still, change the default language setting by re-importing user attribute details? Is there a reserved attribute of eg. Q_language or Q_UserLanguage?

From within my account, my setting is set to English (United Kingdom), the rich text widget displays text and picture. I set this widget up whilst using English (United Kingdom).

If I change either my language setting or go into another users account and change their language to one that is different, they can only see the first line of text, not the picture nor the second line.

This is something I was not aware of. I was aware of the translation facility but didn't think it would impact the pictures included.

I guess it give flexibility for different countries but there is no notification as to the impact it may have on the site anywhere.

Have anyone else experienced this problem. Being based in the UK, I'd want all our users to use the language English (United Kingdom) but the worry is some users may slip through the net and leave their language setting as English (US) and therefore won't see the widgets properly.

Qualtrics support say the usual, 'add a post to the ideas section' to allow better control of users language settings. If anyone has already done this please post me the link and I'll add my vote. The ideas section however in my view is a black hole of ideas - I have never actually seen anything come through and be implemented from that! Perhaps one day!

Due to not being able to upload and make the language uniform across all users (we're talking 100's!) it looks like I will have to assume no one has changed their language setting and change mine back to English US and remake the widgets. Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.


Rod Pestell


  • CNTGCNTG DenmarkCommunity Member Qubie ✭

    I don't have a solution, but I will back you up for better documentation regarding this subject.

    We have our users reset to English (UK) every night, and yet the default on the dashobards is set to English (US). This creates countless errors for us, and its very frustrating.

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