How to auto-advance to end of block without clicking?

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How to auto-advance to end of block without clicking?


I'm trying to create a 60-minute time limited quiz with a countdown timer display and which will automatically send the user to the End of Survey after 60 minutes has elapsed, even if the user has not answered all questions and without requiring the user to click the Next button. The survey consists of 1 single block of questions. So far I've got pretty much everything working like I want, but when the time limit is reached the user is not immediately taken to the End of Survey, it just remains on the last question page until the user clicks the Next button.

I don't know JavaScript but i've found a lot of help on this forum so far (here , here, and here). I think the solution to my issue is here somewhere but i'm missing it.

For test purposes, I've set the time limit to 60 seconds instead of 60 minutes; i think i know where i need to make changes to increase the limit to 60 minutes. I've added Q_TotalDuration as embedded logic in Survey Flow, added display logic to all questions to display only if Q_TotalDuration is less than 60, and i've added JavaScript to the first question, as in the attachments. What changes do I need to make so that the survey advances to the End of Survey after the time runs out without the user clicking the Next button?



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