Matrix, constant sum, custom validations

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Matrix, constant sum, custom validations

Hi everyone,

I am asking a constant sum question in a survey. One column needs to equal 100% while the other two columns need to equal a particular sum.

I cannot figure out how to provide custom validation for this question. Does anyone have ideas? Also, I need to add force response to this question as well.

Thank you!


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    We need to use custom validation here.

    For example the custom validation for first column sum = 100 will be:

    option A_Percentage = $e{ 100 - ( option B_Percentage + option C_Percentage ) }

    So in the custom validation pop up, in the last box, you can put the math operation as shown above, which will be similar to below

    option A_Percentage equal to $e{ 100 - ( q://QID505/ChoiceNumericEntryValue/2/1 + q://QID505/ChoiceNumericEntryValue/3/1 ) }

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