Text, Radio Button, Multi-Answer Box Color Formatting

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Text, Radio Button, Multi-Answer Box Color Formatting


I am looking to format the question text, answer text, radio buttons, and multi-answer box to all white (#FFFFFF) for both unselected and selected choices. Currently, I have this custom code in the CSS box:

.LabelWrapper, .QuestionText, .SubQuestionText, .AnswerText{


.Skin label.SingleAnswer.q-checked.q-focused>span::before, .Skin label.SingleAnswer.q-checked>span::before,.Skin label.q-radio.q-checked, .Skin label.q-radio.q-checked.q-focused  {

  border: 2px solid #FFFFFF;

  background: #FFFFFF!important; 


This seems to change the question text, unselected answer text to white, but once the answer is selected, the answer text turns black again).

This does nothing for the multi-answer boxes and the unselected radio buttons (selected radio buttons function properly).

Any thoughts on how to fix? Thank you


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