How to reformat Piped Text dates in Spanish format?

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How to reformat Piped Text dates in Spanish format?

I am working on a English survey that is also being translated into Spanish. I was using the code ${date://OtherDate/FL/-1%20month} to pipe in the date 1 month prior to the date the user takes the survey. This works when the survey is taken in English, but I cannot find an option to show the date as Day de Month, Year when users are completing the survey in Spanish. For example, I want the date to appear as "6 de agosto, 2020" but currently it appears as agosto 6, 2020.

Are there any workarounds using Javascript? Or are there Qualtrics options for translated surveys that I'm not seeing. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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    @gerrymanders There isn't currently a way to custom format the dating within the platform between survey translations; however, if you haven't already, please consider posting this functionality as a Product Idea on Community! :)


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