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Hi all,
Some time ago I came across an American researcher's website about an application that they had developed (and were selling as well). This application allowed you to add a chat box to your qualtrics survey and was designed to have people interact in group experiments run online. I remember thinking that this was very interesting, but did not save the link. I've searched the web for hours but can't find it anymore.
Does anyone know what I am talking about? Do you know if it still exists?
Or do you have an alternative tool that does the same thing (controlled chat rooms that can be embedded in a Qualtrics survey, but obviously the chat box itself runs on another server).

Thanks for your input!

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    Hey Bart, integrates live chat and Qualtrics, but probably not the way you were discussing. I can see the appeal for the Academic use of it though!

    Our University has been experimenting with adding <iframe> elements into our surveys. You could add a live e-chat box for free, but I am unsure about how it would work for moderating or saving the chat for the group experiment. I'd highly recommend searching iframe or embedded website chat plugins because they almost always work well in Qualtrics. Here is a decent example list of plugin chat options.



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    Hi Kirsty,

    Thanks for the comment. It bugs me that I know for sure that there is something out there that is specifically developed for research like that, but just can't find it anymore (it may be discontinued). But I think I might be able to work with live-e-chat if the moderator function works well.


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