New Qualtrics Certification = New Community Profile Badges!

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New Qualtrics Certification = New Community Profile Badges!

The Qualtrics XM Community is excited to partner with our Certification team to ensure the proper recognition is given to those who complete a certification through the new Qualtrics Certification program on XM Basecamp

The new certification program has been redesigned to help you:

  • Elevate your career and advance your XM program
  • Prove your accomplishments through sharable certificates and badges across LinkedIn
  • Join an exclusive group of Qualtrics and XM professionals around the globe
  • Transform your team into an XM center of excellence

If you are already certified, you have been awarded a brand new Certification badge that is now on your community profile. Use these badges to connect with fellow Qualtrics Certified users and share specialized insights and knowledge about your XM program.

If you are certified and have not received your badge, be sure to request it by selecting “Request This Badge” on the left side of any badge page. We will verify that you’ve passed your certification exam before rewarding you the badge. Below are the corresponding certification profile badges you can request:

Want to check out the new program and set yourself apart with an industry-recognized certification? Complete the free training by logging into XM Basecamp with any Qualtrics account. Then, purchase your final project and complete your exam to become officially certified and earn a badge!

To learn more about the certification courses available, please visit this Qualtrics Certification page.

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