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XM Builders Summer Series Meetup #3

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XM Builders Summer Series Meetup #3

Qualtrics is excited to announce the XM Builders Summer Series - three virtual meetups designed for insights professionals. The virtual meetups will take place on the following dates:

  • Virtual Meetup #1: CLOSED
  • Virtual Meetup #2: CLOSED
  • Virtual Meetup #3: CLOSED

We invite you to join the conversation - and explore creative research and tech solutions with innovative insights professionals like you:

Who is an XM Builder?

This series of meetups is designed for insights professionals who solve wicked business problems using data, technology and methodology. These people (you) are that rare combination of both creative and analytical: the challengers of existing ways of doing business; the collaborators and bridge-builders. You are the agents of change that are leading this new thing called “experience management.”

What will this meetup look like?

Each meetup is one hour long and designed to be a highly engaged, open conversation with other innovative minds. The format will include a short prepared presentation from a fellow insights professional and the direction the conversation takes is up to you: what you want to know, what you want to share and what you want to talk about. 

This final virtual meetup has adopted a format unlike any other meeting you’ve seen before. It follows an "Ignite" format, where each presenter has exactly 5 minutes and 20 slides (15 seconds per slide) to tell their unique Qualtrics story.

Please join us and experience the stories of four fellow Qualtrics users!

Don’t forget to register here - we can’t wait to hear your thoughts, ideas and perspective!

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