Can I pass a list of words from Pavlovia to Qualtrics via URL?

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Can I pass a list of words from Pavlovia to Qualtrics via URL?

Hi all,

I'd need help from someone who knows how to pass information from another platform (specifically Pavlovia) to Qualtrics. I am new to all this so apologies if this sounds silly.

I am generating a list of words in Pavlovia (so it's a list created in javascript) and would like to pass such variable to Qualtrics via query string.

Does anyone have an idea of how / if I can do it? I am able to successfully do this with other simpler variables such as participant ID (I know how to embed data into Qualtrics)... but I am unsure about the feasibility of passing a more complex variable.

From Pavlovia I am passing info to Qualtrics using this URL:


but it doesn’t seem to work (participants do not see the list of words in the Qualtrics questionnaire)

In alternative I could create an excel, csv or txt file with the list, but is there someone with experience in chaining information between Pavlovia and Qualtrics who could advise me on how it would work (since I’d have a different file for each participant)? I can share my Pavlovia experiment if it helps.

Many thanks in advance! I really appreciate your help.

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