Choice experiment via Qualtrics?

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Choice experiment via Qualtrics?

Hi all,
I need help with my research. I had been looking around how to make a choice card with Qualtrics but unable to find a solution. I don't know whether it is possible to do that or not. The only option I found is the conjoint analysis which is technically different with Choice experiment. Here is example of my choice card:

So, bacisally every attribute has the specific code and respondent need to choose only one option.

Please help me!!!

Nur :smiley:

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    If you are wanting to do this in Qualtrics you would probably have to code each different choice card separately, unless their conjoint will work for you. It is self-explicated though so it probably won't.

    If you have to use qualtrics, your best option is probably to make the questions as images, like the one you posted, then put A,B,C etc. for the choices and match them to letters in the choices of the question.

    There are other options using more code, but if you don't understand it enough to build it yourself or pay someone else to build it out, it will likely be more headache than it's worth. Qualtrics' Custom Question team could be a good path in this case.

    Working Example:


  • Nur8987Nur8987 Reading, UKCommunity Member Qubie ✭

    @mattyb513 thank you so your response. I was originally planning to do it as an image like your suggestion. But I have been thinking that I need to recode everything after I get the results which will consume a lot of time. Just asking for an option if there are which I don't know. I have email qualtrics for some information :smiley:

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