Mapping to salesforce

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Mapping to salesforce

When I selected the checkbox and set the value for the Variable Naming in Recode Values as first screenshot:
,But when I set the selected choices recode in mapping salesforce fields, I get the number like sort number, no the Variable Naming value. When I selected the recode checkbox and the get the number again. Is there something wrong?

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    Hi @annaWang
    I have run into this when trying to shorten long answer choices for display in SalesForce, and found that the variable name is not currently available for use as reporting text. To get around this I used javascript to set an embedded data field with the text I wanted to report and mapping to the new embedded field to SalesForce as a text field.

    You may find a better solution through support, but this solved it for me. If not you can make and enhancement request (here) by filling out the form and selecting enhancement request.


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