Amazing New Survey Flow Feature & Vocalize Updates

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Amazing New Survey Flow Feature & Vocalize Updates

Guys, I am so excited for this new Survey Flow feature. It's so simple, but so useful. You know when you're putting together crazy randomization, and you're like, "Wait - I need these three blocks to ALWAYS occur together, in the same, stable order. But they also have to be nested under six different randomizers, because reasons." Or you're like, "I just need to organize what all these blocks are for." Or any other situation where a branch just doesn't cut it?

Introducing the Group element! Like the name implies, Group elements allow you to group your Survey Flow elements together without setting up branch conditions. You can even name them whatever you want!

Vocalize users will also be excited to learn that they can save their dashboard filters! You no longer have to select the same options every time you log on, allowing you to fly with ease through pages with complicated filters. Every user saves their own, too, so you won't have to see Dwight from Sale's irrelevant filters.

You can now add rolling averages to your dashboard widgets. Rolling averages are a means of calculating the average over a set of data points. For example, you have NPS data for the past 30 days. Instead of getting the average for each of the 30 days, you can get the average for every three days. Then, every three days of data collection, a new average would be generated for you. (Yes, I copied that from the support page. I'm a Community Administrator, not a statistician!)

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