Upsert operation to salesforce

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Upsert operation to salesforce

When I insert a record, every is ok, and I will get a Id value in my debug email that has inserted in salesforce. But I got an error (error: Unable to perform the upsert. Error: A duplicate value was specified for field 'Id' in object 'MAFSurveyQuestions__c', duplicate value 'a94e000000001R4AAI' prior value 'a94e000000001R4AAI') when I changed insert to upsert and added a Embedded Data as a unique key:

And my survey is distributed using a button that linked to url. Does anybody have some solutions ?

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  • LaurenKLaurenK Seattle, WA, USA Administrator
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    Hello @annaWang! After taking a closer look at your inquiry, I believe this is a question our Support team would be best able to handle. If you have not yet already, feel free to reach out to our team so they can further troubleshoot this with you!

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