L2 Employee XM certification before L1 Qualtrics essentials

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L2 Employee XM certification before L1 Qualtrics essentials

Can we directly jump and take L2 - Employee EXM certification examination before L1 - Qualtrics essentials ? What's the difference ?



  • MatthewMMatthewM Chicago, ILCommunity Member Sage ✭✭✭

    Hi @Planjewar5 ,

    I would recommend reaching out directly to the Qualtrics certification team or support. I don't know that the certification team really monitors the Community pages.

  • LaurenKLaurenK Seattle, WA, USACommunity Administrator Administrator

    For anyone else curious about this question, this is what our Certification team had to say, "The L1 (Qualtrics Platform Essentials) course provides an introduction to Qualtrics and XM. It is a recommended (but not required) prerequisite for any of the L2 certification courses. If you are new to Qualtrics we would recommend beginning with the L1 course because the L2 courses will assume you are already familiar with the L1 content. However, if you are an advanced user you are more than welcome to skip ahead and complete the L2 course. If you find yourself confused by any of the content covered then we would recommend going back to the L1 course to review."

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