How can I make the report show number of surveys/audits with 90% or better?

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How can I make the report show number of surveys/audits with 90% or better?

I am looking to see if we can use this platform for audits of our staff. I have been able to set up the "survey" to use scored answers, and when an individual completes it, they get a "score" of complete. Therefore, we need is to be able to report out on the number of surveys/audits which have a 90% or better. I've attached a couple of screenshots of how far I can get.

Does anyone know how to make the report have a field for "XX number of audits were 90% or better"?

Does anyone have any experience or advice on using this platform to complete documentation audits of staff?


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    Hi @Katastrophik - it looks like you were able to reach out to our wonderful Support team and they recommended two features:

    1. Filters can quickly sort responses in a Report by specific criteria. You can set a filter as "Score -> Greater than or Equal to -> a #(number). While you cannot filter it out by percentage, if the highest possible score is 10, then you'd set the number to 9 (so the equivalent # to the % you are seeking).
    2. If you would like to create a variable that you can then filter, you can do so using Formula Variable Creation and then you can use that newly created variable in your filter or in breakouts in Reports. Please follow the directions on the linked support page; once navigating to Data & Analysis go to Tools -> Create New Field. From there you can create the variable, which you can then filter by in your Reports section.

    If anyone else is looking to setup something similar and needs additional assistance, you'll want to reach out to our Support team, as they are best equipped to help!

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