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Email distributions

Hi everyone,

Has anyone had the experience with someone receiving an individual link (using the email distribution function) NOT be able to restart their survey? I had a respondent start their survey and when they went back to it, they were not able to go to the next question they needed to answer without first answering the questions they had already answered earlier. I looked at the data, and their responses had not been recorded.

My understanding is that a respondent does not need to hit the next button for it to record, for the system does it automatically in real time.

Now, this being said, they were the only one out of 30 who had an issue.

Any insight would be great! Thank you.


  • RadamRadam Miami, FlCommunity Member, XM Advocate Guru ✭✭

    From Qualtrics' documentation - next button is required:

    Understanding Partial Responses

    As a respondent progresses through a survey (navigates to the next page in a survey), the answers they input are securely sent to Qualtrics servers and stored as Responses in Progress. This saving happens automatically as they navigate to the next page—no need for respondents to click any sort of “Save” button.

    However, please note that the responses are only saved as the respondent progresses to the next page of the survey. If you have a survey that is only on one page, Qualtrics would not be able to save any progress the respondent makes on the survey since there is not another page for the respondent to progress to. Instead, in this case, the respondent would have to complete their response in one sitting. Qualtrics recommends periodically adding page breaks in your survey to avoid this issue.

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