Stats iQ - Linear regression questions

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Stats iQ - Linear regression questions


I have two questions regarding the Linear regression model in Stats iQ:

  1. I ran a linear regression model with three categorical variables and one numerical variable as input variables. Since linear regression models require continuous variables as input, what coding method is being used to transform the categorical variables into numerical ones?
  2. Is there a way to get the z-scores and standard error for each parameter (or input variable) after running linear regression?

Thanks in advance!

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    Qualtrics does multiple types of Regression depending on what variables are used, for example, there is an option to do Logistic Regression for categorical variables. To find out more about the regression card that you have run, you can click on the Method option in the top right corner of your regression. In terms of standard error and z scores, you can see the overall standard error in the main table the is produced from linear regression. If you would like to see data specific for each input, you can select the Show Regression Parameters Summary at the bottom of your regression.

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