Filter for ID across surveys

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Filter for ID across surveys

Here, participants complete daily surveys for extended periods of time and are compensated based on how many surveys they have completed. I would like to be able to filter for ID across ALL our surveys to quickly assess how many surveys a participant has completed to compensate them accordingly. Currently, I have to go trough each of the 50 surveys, one by one, and then filter for ID to see if the ID is present in that survey, for each participant (who are compensated at different times depending on when they finished/started the study). Isn't there a more efficient way to do this? Thanks.


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    @RemPsyc You can create a contact list that is used to track their survey completion. It would have their name, email, and ID then one variable for each of your surveys.

    Then use Action XM Directory Task to append a value in the embedded data field. Map their contact information to the right variable (ID as ExternalReference). Add an embedded variable, I would name your embedded data field after the survey and store "Finished" in the field value. Make sure to select save or update embedded data. That way you can use the contact list to track how many and which columns contain "Finished" for compensation.

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