Image Preview when Retake as new response/retake

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Image Preview when Retake as new response/retake

Please help How to do an Image preview.
It is currently look like when i am in retake view.

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  • LaurenKLaurenK Seattle, WA Administrator
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    Hey @alvin_APR! At this point in time, an uploaded file won't be available when using a Retake Link. Those images/files that the respondent uploads into the survey aren't attached to that response in the same way that their answers to a multiple choice/text entry/etc. question are. If you would like, you can reach out to our Support team so they can properly file a feature request on your behalf!


  • EeshEesh IndiaCommunity Member, Product Ideas Guru ✭✭

    Hi, In order to understand your problem correctly, just to confirm, if you mean survey retake view from 'Data and Analysis' tab. Second, is it any specific image format. As I tried testing scenario at my end, I don't find any issues. Also, if you could explain, why you want to retake survey. Look forward for more details to assist you.

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