Dashboard translations - filters

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Dashboard translations - filters

I've translated a dashboard with Label Translation and it worked fine for the widged contents and labels (although I'm surprised that multilingual projects don't create multilingual dashboards more easily...).

However, when filtering data, the filter titles as well as choices (in multiple choice questions) remain in the language the dashboard was built in. With preset filters, I can translate the filter titles with the translation file, but not the choices.

Has anyone solved this so that everything is translated?

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    Hi @helena_kultanen! I reached out to our team about this one and it looks like that due to the way that the Qualtrics dashboard architecture works, there is no way to translate the actual choices of a question. What happens is that when a survey is mapped into a dashboard, the choices that a question can have are assigned "recodes". These recodes must be the same across all languages or otherwise the dashboard will not work correctly. Our team suggests that the you submit a product idea, so that dashboard recodes can be translated, as currently the recode value will reflect the language in which the dashboard is created.

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