How to visualize survey respone/data into Tableau

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How to visualize survey respone/data into Tableau


I have checked that in Data Analysis and Import-Export Option i am not able to find tableau api here

Refer Below SS for reference

Please share another way to connect with tableau

Thank You!!!!!!

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    I don't have the Tableau API, either. I normally just download the data as a CSV, save it somewhere I'll be able to access and update later, then connect to that download from Tableau.

    If you clean your data with Tableau Prep first, you'll have a better time in Tableau later. Here is my favorite resource from Tableau about cleaning survey data with Prep, in case you haven't seen this one:

    Unfortunately, this method won't let the data automatically update... to update, you'll have to export the data again from Qualtrics and replace/append the file you saved earlier (the one you told Tableau to reference). That's the best option I know of without the API. I'd also be curious to hear if anyone else has a better workaround!


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