What can I use to keep my contact list up to date?

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What can I use to keep my contact list up to date?

I'm looking for a way to allow contacts to update their own data via a survey response, without having to send out a personalized link.

To explain: we've built a panel over the last several years within an industry where people move around a lot, meaning there is no guarantee that in 1-2 years, people will be at the same organization and email address. Up until this point someone has been manually adding/updating contacts to the list.

We have our invite survey set up to go out in an industry newsletter. Survey asks"Would you want to be a part of this panel?" with the answers, Yes, No, and I am already part of the panel. I want to make it that the people that select the last one (already part of the panel) have the opportunity to update their information, only if it needs updating.

I've figured out the authenticator won't work and I'm left with just a few options.

  1. Ask everyone who is already on the panel just to update (not great).
  2. Add a question that asks if they've recently changed jobs (better) and then display the question if yes.

I don't love these options, so I'd be happy to hear any suggestions you might have.



  • ahmedAahmedA IndiaCommunity Member Sage ✭✭✭

    You can use Display Logic to show the question only when people want to do so.

    Further more, you can use Action to update the details automatically as soon as a response is created. You can also add a condition that this update only happens when someone selects yes to the question related to updating information.

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