Crosstabs do not match Data tab counts despite same filters applied

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Crosstabs do not match Data tab counts despite same filters applied

Hi Q Community,

Rather than opening a ticket, wanted to post here in case others ever encounter(ed) the same thing.

When I look at the total counts for a question in Crosstabs filtered on finished=true for the month of End Date=December, I do not get the same results in the Data tab with the same filter. The question is forced response and asked of all respondents, so there is no reason these totals (bases) should not be the same. The same issue occurs with any other question I look at - not just the one.

Specifically, in Crosstabs I get a base of 15,120 but in the Data tab I see 15,145.

Things I've already considered:

The more precise specificity for time filtering in the Crosstabs logically is the equivalent of the broader filter allowed in Data tab (i.e., 12/1/20 12AM to 13/31/20 11:59PM in Xtabs, but just 12/1/20 to 12/31/20 in Data).

Data tab and Crosstabs tab would operate on the same time zone, so that's not it.

A few responses were manually deleted from the Data tab yesterday, but certainly enough time has passed that these would have processed through to the Xtabs already, and the number deleted is not the same number as the discrepancy listed above.

I have tried removing components from the Xtabs and readding them - no change.

I've imported latest data... Numerous times.

Nothing is excluded from any banners or rows in the Xtabs that would affect the base for this time period.

There are no missing counts in the Xtabs that make up the people I'm missing there.

The Data tab, when compared to a dashboard with the same time zone and filter, matches, so I have validation that the Data tab is correct but the Xtabs are not.

Nothing is weighted.

I desperately need these bases to match, as Crosstabs are what we use to populate offline reports for a client. Please suggest further troubleshooting or ways to resolve this discrepancy.

Thanks in advance.

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    Hi @destinyjbell95 ,

    I would suggest submitting a support ticket on this, but continue looking into it on your own while they work on it.

    I have not used the Crosstabs tool very much, but I just compared the total counts for a couple of my surveys, and in both cases (like in your survey) there is a higher count in the Data tab than in Crosstabs, by 100s of responses. Qualtrics should be prepared to explain why this happens.

    In the meantime, maybe you can export the Data to Excel or another program and run the same crosstabs, and compare results between the two to try to isolate those 25 responses? Within those responses perhaps there's a common attribute.

    Sorry I don't have a solution to resolve the discrepancy but I hope you get somewhere with this.

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