How can I link random ID across surveys?

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How can I link random ID across surveys?

Hi all,

I am running a survey which allows participants to enter an email address to open into a second, later data collection. I have set up an email task to email those participants who enter their email address with a link to the second survey.

All participants who enter the first survey are assigned a random ID (as embedded data) - I am trying to find out how to pull the random ID from survey 1, into survey 2 to I can compare individual responses across time.

I have tried following the guidance on Query strings, and also tried the 'unrlencode' variant.

Survey two is recording something from the URL - but seems to just be the piped text I have entered into the URL :

Any ideas?




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    Assuming your id variable is randomID and you are generating it in the first survey.

    Create an embedded data variable in the second survey with the name randomID, do not enter enter anything in its value. You'll see that it reads something like will be filled from url or directory.

    In the email that you have composed, add this randomID as a parameter to the survey URL. So in the end your survey link will look something like this${e://Field/randomID}

    Now when people open your second survey with this parameter in the URL, Qualtrics will automatically capture it. More details here.

  • aperkins43aperkins43 Community Member Qubie ✭

    Hi, thank you for your response.

    Yes I ensured the variable had to the same name 'randomID' across both surveys.

    I had followed the steps on the query string to try and get the second survey to capture the random ID. However, I am still having the same issue with the second survey picking up the random ID, as demonstrated in the print screen - it is just copying the piped text from the URL.

    So I'm not sure how to get it to actually register the random ID?


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