Code for hiding English & only showing translated survey

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Code for hiding English & only showing translated survey

I made a survey in English and translated it into Japanese. I want to send only the Japanese version to my respondents. I have *zero* skill with code—don't even know where to paste it into my survey. Any help from the Community gurus would be greatly appreciated!


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    Start the survey in Japanese. If using an anonymous url add the parameter Q_lang=JA to the url. If using invites makes sure Language is set to JA for all contacts.

    In the survey header add JS (in source mode - <> icon) to hide the language drop-down:



  • MireilleRMireilleR FranceCommunity Member Qubie ✭

    Hi, a solution could be to only have the Japanese version (no translation), this way there is no combo with languages to select that will be available.

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