Distributing only survey translation

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Distributing only survey translation

I made a survey and translated it into Japanese. I want to distribute only the Japanese version to my respondents. I have *zero* skill with code—don't even know where to paste it into my survey. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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    Hi @CSK ,

    Good question, how to remove the English version...

    In your "Survey Options", you indicate the survey language.

    The default is English.

    In "Translate Survey", you can add languages. That is probably where you added the Japanese translation.

    But, unfortunately, in the "Translate Survey", you cannot just remove English, there's an error message "you cannot remove the default language".

    So I'm afraid you should copy-paste the Japanese translations into your survey main editor page, then change the "survey options" and indicate that your survey is in Japanese, and then remove the japanese translation in the "translate survey"...

    (or use that javascript from TomG, that should work too)


  • JoycaVJoycaV BelgiumCommunity Member Sage ✭✭✭

    Hi CSK,

    Should the English version still exist, or do you only ever need the Japanese version?

    Otherwise, you could go to "Survey Settings" and mark the survey as Japanese, and enter the Japanese translation into the survey builder immediately, then you do not need the Translate function and then you will no longer have English in the options.

    Otherwise there is indeed code that you can enter that will hide the language selection box on the survey, that has been described here:

    in the post by TomG:

    You can hide the language selector on all the pages by adding this script to your header:


    Qualtrics.SurveyEngine.addOnload(function() { jQuery(".LanguageSelectorContainer").hide(); });


    That "header" where you need to add that script, is found in the "Look and Feel" of your survey, on the General tab.

    Did you know that if you specify in your contact list that your respondents speak Japanese, their survey will automatically be started in Japanese instead of in English?

    You can read more details for automatic language selection on this support page.

    Kind regards,

    Joyca Vervinckt

  • CSKCSK Community Member Qubie ✭

    Dear Joyca,

    Thank you very much for such thorough instructions, and I apologize for the delay in my response. I work as a college, and we made a last-minute decision to open our campus this spring...it's been hectic.

    My main concern is that I don't have the wherewithal to rebuild my survey. I need to have an English version of the survey so I can show non-Japanese people the contents, but I suppose I could make a copy of it before removing the English option. In that case, could you please tell me the best way to set the survey only to appear in Japanese?

    Thank you so much for your help!

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