calculation of index and integration with own website

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calculation of index and integration with own website

We are working on a project that would like to work as follows:

- a short 55 items questionnaire that comprises a scale to measure a more complex concept

- this questionnaire to be build in qualtrics and embedded in a website were respondents can go and answer the questionnaire

- at the end by hitting “submit" to the questionnaire we would like to 

- give a summary of the respondent’s response - I know this is an option that you already have

- compute one / several values (like an index value/s) that could be a) sent to the respondents email or b) shown on the website - thus calculating one general value which the respondent then can see how they are doing

- compute the above index value and compare to other values (calculated by us - benchmarking) or automatically calculated based on the previous responses of the other respondents

And now our question, are the above possible to do? What are the commands if already these options are made available? 

If the above are not possible or too complex to realize is there a possibility to connect via API or otherwise and let our website have the values for the responses, thus to include the algorithm in our website? 

Thank you very much! 

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    For anyone looking for an answer, it looks like @ioanfotea was able to reach out to our Support team with this inquiry. They shared that this is possible and can be set up using our Calculate Metric Task. This task can calculate aggregate metrics observed in a dataset over a period of time. You can then set up an email task to pull the results from the Calculate Metric Task and send them to the respondents. 

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