Counting specific responses for future branch logic

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Counting specific responses for future branch logic

Hello, so my question is a very complicated one. I designed a name generator survey (i.e., participants provide names of important others they spend time with) that is to be distributed once (pre-survey screener + baseline) and then daily for 30 days. Participants will see the names they provided (baseline portion) every day for 30 days. For example, if they provided a list of 4 names total, we will ask them if they have spoken to those 4 individuals each day after. The tricky part is they will be asked a new name generator every day in the daily survey portion to capture important others they may have not considered in the baseline. The really tricky part is the team wants Qualtrics to somehow detect when a new name is provided/selected 3 times at any point in the daily survey portion so we can ask additional questions about this new person. For example, if a participant adds a new name on Day 5 and then selects them 2 more times at any point over the 30 days, then we would ask additional questions of that specific name.

The brute force way would be to create display logic that says if [piped text for name 1] is not empty and is selected for Day X and Day Y, then show the following block of questions. Obviously, this is impossible when it can be any combination of days over 30 days, especially when participants are able to provide new names every day for 30 days.

So the question follows: How do I get Qualtrics (if I can) to detect a new response added and then selected 2 times over 30 days (groups in this case within the same survey) so that the participant is then asked additional questions about that specific name? I saw some JavaScript posts about counting responses ( but they didn't get at what I was trying to do. I don't want to count how many responses a participant selected in a given question but rather the number of times a new name is selected after being provided to then trigger new questions about said name.

It's a beast of a project, I hope I explained it clearly. :D

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