How to duplicate a project using the Qualtrics API

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How to duplicate a project using the Qualtrics API

Greetings Friends. I would like to create a duplicate of an existing project using only the Qualtrics REST API. I'm hoping this can be done with only a handfull of API calls but haven't found a solution yet. I know I can create and populate a project element by element (questions, blocks, etc.). Not sure if it's possible but I'm looking for API endpoints that might:

  1. Create a new project by copying another similar to how the UI does.
  2. Perhaps two API calls; one to create a blank project and another to import the structure from an existing project.

Maintaining question ids is important as there is a lot of JS and Web Service calls that reference specific ids.


pogi has me pointed in the right direction. When I first looked at the Create Survey endpoint (POST: /survey-definitions) I skipped the section of the Body definition referencing Survey QSF thinking it required a file upload (.qsf). I now think this can actually be json. The QSF definition can found at the API Reference under QUALTRICS SURVEY API then Schemas.


I did a quick test by exporting an existing survey through the UI which downloaded a .qsf file. The format of this file is json. I pasted that into Postman and tested the Create Survey endpoint with the contents of the .qsf as the body. It created a new survey with the exact structure of the original. Thanks pogi!

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