Workflow for staff pre-selecting questions for customer - two part survey with different roles

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Workflow for staff pre-selecting questions for customer - two part survey with different roles

Hello! I'm a currently in the 30d trial and trying to figure out if Qualtrics will work for my needs.

This is for a customer questionnaire that will pipe info into a database that will then be used to generate documents for that customer.

The desired workflow is that I (or another staff member) pre-select the items that should or should not be presented to each customer completing the survey.

The staff member starts with a form that has around 20 checkboxes for question topics that may or may not apply to each customer, depending on their needs.

Checking one of these boxes then displays another checkbox selector for question sets within that topic, and the staff member checks off the desired items. Each question set has its own corresponding survey in the library.

Then, once the staff member has checked off the topics and question sets for the customer to answer, the customer takes over and goes through the rest of survey, which uses conditional logic to display only the pre-selected question sets.

I've currently figured out how to build this without differentiating between the roles, i.e. one survey that starts with the topic and item selector controls, then branches to display the appropriate questions (for each item selected a separate survey is pulled from the library and inserted).

This works as a proof of concept, but how can I separate the selection of the topics and question sets from the completion of the rest of the survey? It's one thing if I have the client sitting at a kiosk in my office, but what about remotely? Can I send a survey with those initial selector questions pre-filled and locked? Am I overlooking functionality that exists outside of the survey itself?

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    One way you could do this is use a survey for staff to make the appropriate selections and on the last page a link with URL variable is presented to send to the customer.

    This link holds the variables to open up specific branches in the customer survey required.

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