Tableau Integration

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Tableau Integration

Has anybody ever had the issue where they use a web data connector to connect to Tableau but within Tableau all that shows up are the field names and not the actual data? This is the only survey of mine where this has occurred. The only thing I could possibly think of is if it is because I am using a reference survey, but even then, why would the fields still show up if that was the case?


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  • Martin_OMartin_O Orem, UT Qubie ✭
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    I just figured it out. I wasn't using Legacy Importer and that was the issue. I solved the problem. Thank you for your response.


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    Apologies if the questions sound a bit daft but...

    • when setting up the Web Data Connector in Tableau, have you set the field check-boxes to select which fields to import?
    • also, how many fields are you trying to import in the one Web Data Connector?


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