randomize every second block

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randomize every second block

I'd like to create a survey including 50 blocks with videos plus 50 (equal) blocks with questions about the videos. I'd like to randomize the order in which the videos are shown, but after each video there should be a question block. Is it possible to randomize every second block (--> only the videos) and keep the question blocks? Or is there a different solution? As I'd like to upload the videos via TXT upload, putting the questions into the video block might become difficult.
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    This sounds like a situation where a Loop&Merge block would work. Create a Loop&Merge block with 50 loops with fields for videos. Fields would be the video url and any other video info you need. If you have the fields in a table (such as Excel) you can copy and paste them into loop&merge setup all at one time. Randomize the loop. The first question in the block would be the video with the loop&merge fields piped in, followed by a page break, then your follow-up questions.

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