Scoring with non-integers and score percentage

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Scoring with non-integers and score percentage

Hello there!

I'd like distribute the scoring points among the answer options of a single question such that the maximum possible score for that question adds up to 10. This means that, e.g., if I have 4 correct answer options, each of these options needs to get a score of 2.5.

However, when I enter 2.5 in the scoring field, Qualtrics rounds this off to 2. I had assumed this was just a representation thing and only found out later that the scores are not as high as I want them to be.

In addition, I then want to calculate the score of all the questions as a percentage: If I have N questions with 10 points maximum each, the overall percentage score would be S = (score)/(N*10), which I calculated in an embedded data field. Because Qualtrics rounds off the scores to integers, it now becomes impossible to reach 100% total score.

My questions therefore:

  • Is there a way to circumvent the rounding in scoring, i.e., a way to use non-integers for scoring?
  • Is there a better way to represent overall scores as a percentage with respect to the maximum possible score?

Thanks for your replies!


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