Personalize survey by using an external webservice

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Personalize survey by using an external webservice

Following scenario: We partly personalize our surveys using the values of the embedded data fields. Only the most important information (like first name and last name) was tranferred to the embedded data fields. Besides this data, we also have some additional attributes which we want to use for personalization and display logic (show/hide questions dependant on field value) as well. However, those should not be stored to the Qualtrics contacts.

Is there any way to load additional contact information for personalization when the survey is loaded without storing it to the Qualtrics contact? I did not find any information for exactly that use case.

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    No, if you use fire and forget nothing gets returned from the web service. In your case, that defeats the purpose.

    Saving data as response data and contact data are two different things. From your original message, I thought you didn't want to save contact data.

    If you want to retrieve the data, but not store it as response data or contact data, you will have to use JavaScript and ajax.


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