Integraiton with external system - Payload values

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Integraiton with external system - Payload values

Dear All,

I am communicating with an external system to post few data after survey finish. I tested the external system web service url on Postman and it runs successfully. when i tried it in survey flow or even in Web Service Task (to see the failure issue), it failed.

I had the Error: ACTIONS.ERROR_CODES.USER_CONFIGURATION_ERROR where we through that the payload is causing the problem. as technically checked, the targeted system does not expect the whole Qualtrics payload which is sent by Qualtrics. it just expect two key values. So, it got failed accordingly.

What could be the solution of such a scenario? is there a way to specify exactly the payload that should be sent to the targeted system instead the one sent by Qualtrics?

Your ideas and insights are highly appreciated..

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    Just to post solution found for all others Qubies🙂,

    I was successfully able to send particular fields only (not a full payload) through web service in survey flow not using web service tasks. Because sending data to external system using web service task would not only specify the fields to post but sending all Qualtrics adapter built-in values. Hence, sending the data using web service in survey flow can solve this issue and send the required data fields only.

    Another advantage moreover was that we were able to use OAuth within the survey flow web service retrieving bearer token as well as use it to send the data to external system.

    Thanks a lot to everyone...


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    Try this and see if that helps.

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    Thanks a lot for your reply...

    your point is valid when we are posting the data as query parameters not JSON. my issue is that the JSON payload has more than the values which the external system is expecting so it got failed i guess.

    thats the only reason i thought of causing the failure as i am getting the error of 400 Bad Request. means I am reaching to the system and authorized but not able to post the data as they dont expect the whole payload in terms of fields and values. so i am trying to find a best pracrtice to communicate with an external api

  • ChiragKChiragK GUJARATCommunity Member Qubie ✭

    Hi @Muqaibil

    Can you send the working postman request so that I can see which parameters are there and in what format it is passed.

  • MuqaibilMuqaibil Community Member Qubie ✭

    when i am sending this raw JSON via postman it success with 201 code but when i do it through web service task it got failed with error code 400. thats why we thought that could be because the payload expected from the external system is just these keyvalsue not the whole payload sent by Qualtrics (ignore the difference between postman raw json and the one in Qualtrics, we changed that).

    Moreover, if i post all the failed Qualtrics input payload as a json raw via postman, it success in POSTMAN regardless the fact of not send properly but it hit the targeted system..

    Many thanks for your support..

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