Block duplicate emails sent from Salesforce

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Block duplicate emails sent from Salesforce

Hi, I wonder if anyone can help me with my questions.
We have set up a workflow rule to send out Qualtrics survey every time a case is closed. However, sometime we need the case to be reopened and closed again for some reasons.

Problem 1. Qualtrics normally blocks identical emails sent to the same recipient within 24 hours, however, when a survey is triggered from Salesforce, it doesn't happen and email goes through anyway. How to apply same duplicate email block to work for Salesforce triggered surveys?

Problem 2. Is there a way to block all duplicate emails from Salesforce? We cannot set up limit for survey invitations in organizational settings, because more than 1 case can be closed same day for the same respondent.


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    Maybe your SF support can help you figure out how to build a workflow that doesn't trigger for the same email if it has fired recently...

    Forgive me, because it is possible this is what you are discussing in your problem #2: My organizations solution was Target Audience from Qualtrics. This will allow you to set up organizational setting so that a participant can not receive a survey every few days (1 day, 30 days, 90 days, whatever you set it at).

    If that is what you discussed with Problem 2, please be aware of survey fatigue. Even if multiple cases close for one person in one day, you probably shouldn't be surveying them with every interaction (assuming of course this is some sort of satisfaction survey). Particularly if this is some sort of service-based-transnational survey; individuals will start dropping out of your panel like crazy.

    We run 6 Transnational Surveys based off SF event triggers. Since I instituted a 90-day window within which our customers can not receive more than 1 survey invitation, not only have our completion rates tripled, our service scores ended up higher! When they aren't bothered to take too many surveys, they scored us higher because, in part, too many surveys were destroying their customer experience.


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    Hi, yes, you are absolutely correct. However, we are running different processes on SF that we do not want to affect. :neutral:

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