How to Genarate a drop out report ?

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How to Genarate a drop out report ?

Hi All,

Is there a way to drop out report in Qualtrics? I will like to have a report where we can identify at what point respondents are abandoning the survey.


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    Hi @Samarth ,

    I always use attached VBA code to run on my screened data, incomplete data. Pull the survey screened and incomplete s. keep only survey variable and run this. It will generate a column abandon at last, which will show variable name respondent is Abndoned at. You can use this to find result.

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    You could track it by updating an embedded data variable as you move through the survey, then report on that.

    Abandoned surveys are just in progress responses, so it will depend on how you've set up the handling of in progress responses in your survey options. The default is to write them to your response data after 1 week, so in that case your drop out report would have a 1 week time lag.

    If you want real time updates, you could use web service or ajax calls to update an external database.

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