Retake Response: Some questions Read-Only? JavaScript?

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Retake Response: Some questions Read-Only? JavaScript?

I am trying to have a retake link where some of the questions and selected answers can be viewed but not edited.

I know how to skip questions completely in the retake, and I can show or hide questions based on the retake link. But I cannot figure out how to in the retake link show some of the questions and selected answers, but read-only.

I think it's possible with javascript but I have all sorts of question types - multiple choice, text entry, dropdown, file upload.

For example, imagine that a student takes a test in Qualtrics, and the professor is reviewing that test and putting comments in a new text entry question at the bottom for students. I don't want the professor to accidentally change any of the students' answers. - (Please note that this is just an example scenario to get the idea across).


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    Something like this could probably work for you:

    Create an embededd variable at the start of the survey, but do not give it any value. Lets call it retake.

    When sending the links to the professors, add retake as a URL query parameter (see the support pages for details). With a value to lets say yes.

    To all your comment questions, add display logic to be only visible when retake=yes.

    In the questions intended for students, add this JS to ensure that profs don't change the values, it will only be triggered if retake is yes:

    Qualtrics.SurveyEngine.addOnReady(function () {
        let rt = "${e://Field/retake}",
            quest = this;
        if (rt == "yes") {
   = "none";
            quest.questionContainer.onkeydown = function (e) {


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