Best practice for managing surveys

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Best practice for managing surveys

Dear all,

the usecase that I have seems to be quite unusual as I was not able to find anything on the web:

My task is to create and administrate a number of different surveys per event.

Each of my events has 3 different roles of people involved (Visitors (1-20), Sales (1), Marketing (1))

For each role there is 1 particular, specific survey-type with a dedicated set of questions.

The current approach is NOT to collect survey responses over a longer period of time, but evaluate the surveys per event. In other words, there are is a small number of survey-responses from three different survey types per event.

Due to that my idea is to have 1 object per event in Qualtics (created via API) that allows me to list different contacts assigned to different survey types


Event: Customer visit at ASM SMT Center of Competence, 04/19/2021

'John Doe', [email protected], SurveyType: Visitor

'Dina Dee', [email protected], SurveyType: Visitor

'Steven Strong', [email protected], SurveyType: Sales

'Mark Clever', [email protected], SurveyType: Marketing

None of these surveys are supposed to be anonymous.

As far as I have understood, there is an object-type 'Distribution', which seems to be the most suitable one to collect the contacts involved, but as I take it, it does only support one (1!) survey-type. Is this correct ?

Can this approach be somehow realized ? Is there some best practice to do so ?

Thank you & kind regards


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