How to assess internet speed of survey respondent?

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How to assess internet speed of survey respondent?

I am wondering if there is a way to embed an internet speed tester into a Qualtrics question, so a survey respondent would be able to click a button or test their speed in Mbps upon the question being displayed. We are assessing some variables about broadband equity. We do not want them to be directed to an external URL. Is there any code or embedded data that would allow this? Thanks!


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    This thread shows a nice workaround for your issue:

    Just paste that code within:

    	/*Paste here*/

    You should remove the alert() part from the function and just store the result in an EmbeddedDataField (which I am calling speedMbps in the example) through:

    Qualtrics.SurveyEngine.setEmbeddedData('speedMbps', speedMbps);

    This EmbeddedDataField could then be used as PipedText in the next question to be shown to the respondent.

    Hope that helps!

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