How to hide a single radio button on a single select question



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    @SAW said:

    @MauroUsabilitySci said:
    That worked! Thank you, @TomG.

    Where do you put this code? I tried it in the question text but it didn't work for me?

    You put it in the question text, but you have to be in HTML view when you do it.

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    @TomG said:

    @MauroUsabilitySci said:

    @rondev said:

    @MauroUsabilitySci said:
    @TomG, If I wanted to hide all radio buttons (in order to make a scrolling list of images that are not selectable), could I use a similar JS?

    Use the below code:


    Hi @rondev, I tried this, but the radio buttons still appear they are just un-clickable. I ideally would like the radio buttons to not appear, just the answer choice (image). I also have JS on this question to create a fixed pane with a scrolling list of answer options, and adding the above code seems to have impeded that function.

    I suspect that this is theme related and it isn't really radio buttons you are trying to hide, but labels that look like radio buttons. Try adding this to your question text:

    > .Skin label.SingleAnswer > span::before {display:none} >


    @TomG Could I use something similar to this using HTML to hide a the radio button on individual choices? If so, what would that look like? I believe our theme is making it so that the java isn't working to hide the radio buttons.

    I have 7 choices and I would like to hide the radio buttons for choice 1 and choice 7.

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