Salesforce and task objects

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Salesforce and task objects

I am trying to trigger a survey from a task object. When I test the workflow starting at the customer account, create the task object and then complete the workflow, the survey is triggered. The normal process, however, does not involve starting from the customer account. In the normal process, the task object is created automatically. When the workflow is completed under these circumstances, nothing happens. I don't even get a debug email saying the survey was not sent. I was told in Salesforce, the debug information looks just like the first process that did send the survey. One other piece of information that may be useful. Task objects do not contain the customer's email address, so a formula was used to place the email address in the task. Any ideas what could be causing this or what we should check?


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    We were able to fix this issue, so for future reference if anyone else runs into an issue similar to this, here's the solution. The task object did not have permission to access Qualtrics. Starting from the account gave us the permission we needed, but starting from the task did not.

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