What’s New for Employee Experience Dashboards?

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What’s New for Employee Experience Dashboards?

There are exciting new updates available in Employee Experience dashboards! The entire dashboard experience has been redesigned to help you better understand your Employee Engagement results. Not only will your dashboards look amazing, but they’ll inform your understanding of the data with such features as:

Overall Dashboard and Widget Enhancements
● Filters are cleaner and more compact, taking up less of your screen.
● Page navigation has been made more user-friendly, with page icons now optional.
● All existing widgets have design updates and usability enhancements, providing modern visual design and a more understandable experience for your dashboard users.
● Your organization’s logo now shows up prominently in the upper-left area of the dashboard header, providing a more personalized experience for your internal users.
● With Show All Percents, you can optionally enable to see all scores, making neutral and unfavorable scores visible in addition to the favorable ones. This can make it much easier to include these scores when printing.

New Heat Map Widget
Heat Map widgets provide an efficient way to quickly identify high points and low points across your organization or various demographic groups. The Heat Map widget will replace the Breakout Table, and provides the following enhancements:
● Configurable color palettes and full control of thresholds
● Expand and collapse categories to drill into individual questions
● Response counts for individual breakout groups
● Better control over comparisons and breakouts

New Question List Widget
Question List widgets highlight which questions to focus on, allowing you to emphasize the metrics that matter most to your program. Your highest and lowest scoring items can be ordered based on score, historical comparisons, internal benchmarks, external benchmarks, or strength of impact from driver analysis. For example, you can use Question List to show your users what drivers to focus on for impact, to show where they have declined since last year, or to warn that they are performing below the rest of the organization.

New Demographic Breakout Widget
The Demographic Breakout breakout widget helps you quickly look for outliers on a single metric, like engagement, across all of your demographic groups. Now at glance, you can see which groups need more support, as well as who the top performers are.

New Visualizations for Engagement and Participation Widgets
New donut visualization added for Engagement and Participation Summary widgets. You can add all of your benchmark comparisons, or you can save space by toggling the Compact View instead.


How will the migration to the new experience happen?
To help with the transition to the new experience, each brand will first be enabled on the new dashboard experience on an opt-in basis, to allow you to try out the new experience on any individual dashboards. Following the opt-in period the new experience will be turned on by default for all dashboards and any new dashboards going forward. Brand administrators will be notified of the date for the beginning the opt-in period, and the transition date to default onto the new experience.

New brands will be put on the new experience automatically.

How do I enable the new dashboard experience?
New brands will have this this new experience by default.

For existing brands, during the opt-in period, you can optionally enable the new experience on individual dashboards. Go to your dashboard Settings for the dashboard you want to enable and select Enable New Dashboard Style.

Once the opt-in period ends, the new experience will become the default for everyone, and this option to switch between the two will no longer be available. Brand Administrators will be notified at the end of this opt-in period.

What will happen when I opt-in to the new dashboard experience on one of my dashboards?
When you toggle on the “Enable New Dashboard Style” in that dashboard’s settings you will see the screen refresh and that dashboard will show up immediately in the new experience. All of your existing pages and widgets will be there and laid out in the same way, but will have the new design. This setting will only affect the individual dashboard for which to turned on the setting. Your other dashboards will remain unchanged.

Can I go back to the old dashboard experience after trying the new version?
Yes, but it is not recommended. Not all new settings, widgets, or configuration changes will transition back to the old version.

For example, if you change a Participation Summary widget to be represented as a circle chart in the new experience, it will be flipped back to a bar chart in the old experience. Some icons/styling in the new experience are not supported in the old experience, so widgets like Heat Map (only available in the new experience), may look strange on the old-style of dashboard.

What will happen with High/Low Tables, Key Driver - List, and Breakout Table widgets?
These three widgets have been replaced with upgraded widgets. If these widgets are on an existing page, they will remain unchanged, but you can no longer add new ones to your dashboard.

Going forward, you should use the following widgets instead:
● Question List replaces both the High/Low Table and Key Driver - List
● Heat Map replaces Breakout Table

What can I NOT do in the new dashboard experience that I could do in the old one?
● Any custom CSS, e.g. for header or page navigation colors, will revert to standard theme settings available in the Theme section of the dashboard Settings.
● The column breakout option for Response Rates is no longer supported.

How can I share my feedback on this change?
You can contact your Customer Success Representative to submit feedback. If you are experiencing technical difficulties, please contact our support team so that they can alert our engineers.


  • NeilNeil London, UKCommunity Member Qubie ✭

    The new features look great! Can anyone tell me where the "demographic breakout" widget is hiding?

  • KatharineSKatharineS Seattle, WACommunity Administrator Administrator

    Hi @Neil ! Sorry for the confusion - the Demographic Breakout widget is actually going to come out a little later than the rest of the updates listed here. We'll let you guys know when it's available for use. :)

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