Scheduling recurring SMS (or Email) messages based on survey inputs

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Scheduling recurring SMS (or Email) messages based on survey inputs

Let's say I have a survey where participants are prompted to select days of the week that they would like to receive messages via SMS or Email. The time of day is also selectable by the participant. Does Qualtrics support this feature where recurring messages can be scheduled to go out to the participants via SMS or Email? Hopefully somebody has had a similar requirement in the past.

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    Hello @saurin ,

    Scheduling recurring SMS(or Email) can achieved by creating number of web services of SMS distribution or Email distribution api with change in "SendDate" parameter

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    It can be done with API, manually it is not possible to pipe the send date and time.

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    So I was able to research more on this topic - Email Tasks or Email Triggers allow you to send messages up to 28 or 30 days out respectively (no support for time of day). I can't explain why Email Tasks support up to 28 days and Email Triggers up to 30 days. That seems to be a strange feature. It would be great to know if Qualtrics can implement the exact same feature for SMS. It seems that a SMS Task or SMS Trigger would be a highly valuable feature.
    Thanks to all that responded above. It was helpful for me to review your responses.

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    have you found a way to do it? thanks

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