Jquery fadeIn() not found

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Jquery fadeIn() not found

Hey ladies and gents,

I read jquery works in Qualtrics. I tried to use the fadeIn() function but the survey complains that fadeIn() is not a function.
I tried adding the jquery min to the header to correct for that in some jquery versions fadeIn() is not included, but this results in some other bunch of errors.
Could you help me out?



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    Hello @JanaJarecki ,

    jQuery fadeIn() function does work in qualtrics
    Paste the following code in the js(onReady) of the question


    So the above code will fadeIn the question text in four seconds.

    Hope you are using correct selector(id or class) in jQuery

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    Hi Shashi,

    hm, interesting, it indeed was the selector, thanks.

    What I am left with is wondering why the Console complained fadeIn() does not exist. :D

    Full solution (for future reference for other users):

    Hide and fadeIn() the current question

    after a delay of 2500 ms

        jQuery("#" + this.questionId).hide();
        var qid = "#" + this.questionId;
            var delayms = 2500;
        setTimeout(function() {
            }, delayms);


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