iQ directory and Salesforce

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iQ directory and Salesforce

I have some difficulties to get what I need with the iQ directory settings.
For our customer care service we have a workflow in Salesforce to send a contact to Qualtrics each time a case is closed. Nevertheless we would like to oversurvey and only send the invitation if the contact didn't receive an survey invitation in the past 15 days.
I couldn't find a way to make it work with the iQ directory settings. Either I deduplicate on email and then my contact will only receive 1 invitation and that's all (as my understanding is invitation are triggered on contact creation and not update) either I deduplicate on email + another Embedded Data which is the case, but that won't meet my need as it would be considered as a new/different contact and won't meet the 15 days latency period.
I know there is a workaround with the API by using transaction but that would require development. If you encountered the same situation and found a solution, I'm all ears :)
Thanks a lot for your help.

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  • Mohammedali_Rajapakar_UgamMohammedali_Rajapakar_Ugam Mumbai - IndiaUnconfirmed, Qualtrics Partner Wizard ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @StephanieFR ,

    Have you tried taking a look "contact frequency"?

    Number of days that need to pass before contacts can receive another message: Specify the number of days that has to pass in between emails.

  • StephanieFRStephanieFR FranceCommunity Member Qubie ✭

    Hi @Mohammedali_Rajapakar_Ugam
    The frequency rule is already set to 15 days on the survey and mailing list. Nevertheless It doesn't accomplish what we need it to do.
    We want a customer for whom a case was closed to receive a satisfaction survey. Nevertheless if the same customer (based on email) already received the survey in the past 15 days we don't want this customer to receive the survey again even if it's a different case.
    Contacts are automatically created in Qualtrics through the Salesforce integration.
    If you have other way to create this condition either in Qualtrics or Salesforce I will be more than happy to take your thoughts ;)
    Thanks a lot.

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