Can I generate multiple anonymous links?

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Can I generate multiple anonymous links?

Hi there,

I'm a grad student using Qualtrics for the first time for my research. I am disseminating my survey through 20 different organizations. I want to provide each organization a separate anonymous link so that I can also analyze responses per organization.

I see that I can add the contacts from the 20 organizations to my contacts and I was able to download the unique links each would get. What isn't clear is if these are anonymous, which is required by my IRB, and if that long link embeds onto a website or communication 'as is' (which is quite long) or appears in some other format (shorter weblink, button, etc.)

I've searched the community, YouTube and online and haven't found a way to be able to do this so I would really appreciate any assistance or guidance you can provide.

Thanks in advance,

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    Accepted Answer

    First add a parameter to the top of your survey and don't assign a value. Let's call the parameter "org".

    Then add the org parameter to your url with a unique value for each of the 20 organizations to make 20 anonymous urls:


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    With anonymous links you can just add a parameter to the url that will populate an embedded data field that you define in your survey flow. You'll be able to identify the 20 different organizations by the value of the embedded data field. Just add the parameter after a ? in the url, for example:

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    Thank you so much for your time and response. To confirm my understanding, I am going to generate one anonymous link, and then for each organization I add a '?' and then any parameter that I want to use to identify the organization (i.e. ?organization1), or do I do something like you've noted with an =org1 (which I assume is followed by =org2)?

    Sorry for the additional question, I'm new with this. I appreciate your time.

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    Thank you!

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