Brand Admins unable to see Projects

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Brand Admins unable to see Projects

We have 7 Brand Admins set up in our Qualtrics instance. None of the other Brand Admins are able to see the Projects that have been created. They get a 'create your first project' message when logged in.

We have a single 'Group' configured, which is available to All Users of the Brand. Group Type = default group. All of the Brand Admins are part of the 'Group'. All surveys are part of the 'Group'.

I'm unsure as to why the other Brand Admins cannot see the projects (surveys/dashboards). They have access to tickets, but not the Surveys or Dashboards.

Can anyone shed light on this please? Many thanks, Mike

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    Sorted folks. I assumed that as Brand Admins, these Users would be able to see Projects by default. Not so, I needed to add them to a Role and give that Role appropriate permission.

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