Create complex spreadsheet-like form which dynamic number of rows

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Create complex spreadsheet-like form which dynamic number of rows

I'm trying to create a form that allows users to seamlessly add information about each of the members that are on their team without resorting to a kludgy loop and merge over multiple pages.

Here's what I'm envisioning: a participant is asked how many people are on their team. Based on this answer a spreadsheet-like data matrix is generated on the next page with the number of rows equal to the number of people on a given team. They can fill in the names of their teammates in one column, and they can answer questions about each member using dropboxes and sliding scales on other rows. Something like this:

Is this possible in Qualtrics? What is the right way to go about implementing this?

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    Hello @parseltongue ,

    If you know the maximum number of people a team can have.
    You can use side-by-side question type (but it will not have sliding scale as a column instead use drop down with less scale)
    Based on the answer of "how many people are on their team" Apply option display logic i.e if answer = 4 then the display logic on option 4 will be as show if answer is less than or equal to 4


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