Creating a very brief form on Qualtrics

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Creating a very brief form on Qualtrics

Hi, I need to create an extremely brief form asking students to provide valid contact information (email and phone number) as well as where they are employed. There will be literally three questions (text box). I was actually looking for something similar to Inline Email Questions, which shows questions in the email body. However, Inline Email Questions are limited to only Single Answer Multiple Choice and NPS® Questions. Any advice on how to make this brief form user-friendly? Our students receive too many surveys toward the end of their program. This form will be one of them. I really hope they won't think this is another survey (which is not). I want to let them know what this form looks like up-front.

Thank you so much for any advice!

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    Unfortunately there isn't anyway that I am aware of to override the question types allowed for in-line questions. I think your best bet is to keep the survey very short and just use 1 survey form question.

    To increase your response rate I would recommend adjusting the email subject and body to focus on how short the survey is and how the results will be used to benefit the respondents. If you are able to have the email appear as if it is "sent" from someone higher up at the University/school, or are able to offer incentives those can be effective too.


  • Hello @vandycy ,

    Great answer by @uhrxx005 , along with that if your survey distribution is through email distribution then you can pre-populate the email in the email text box and keep it editable(in case they want to update), which will reduce the response time

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